We offer our customers a lifetime
guarantee on our selected cookware
and cutlery on the following basis:

1.  Smart Chef’s selected cookware and  
     cutlery are made from the finest material.

2.  In case of faulty material or
     workmanship, we will replace, without   
     charge, the product found upon
     examination by our factory experts to be    

3.  This guarantee does not cover
     consequential damages and/or loss or   
     damage to this cookware should the  
     damage be caused due to accidents,     
     neglect, abuse, tampering or misuse.

4.  If replacment of the cookware’s
     bakelite handle is necessary within in  
     three years of purchase because of faulty
     material or workmanship, this will be
     done without charge.

 5.  Normal fair wear and tear is not covered
      by this guarantee.